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The benefits of Preplanning

Death is, of course, unpleasant to discuss and potentially more devastating than any other event and has the greatest impact on the most people. Yet, we fail to plan for it, as we do other major events in our lives.
We usually do not handle major events in our lives by doing nothing and leaving the outcome to chance. Examples would be ; health insurance when we may or may not need it; home owners insurance against fire, when chances are your house will never burn; and auto insurance, when you have been driving for 30 years and never filed a claim.
Why do we fail to plan for what is perhaps the most devastating life event of all – death?
There are many benefits to pre-arranging your funeral or cremation plans. A few of them are
1. It takes the burden off of your loved ones
2. Allows YOU to make the decisions about final disposition and who can be involved in those decisions. This eliminates many squabbles and legal hassles after the death occurs
3. YOU can select every aspect of your funeral or cremation now, guard against inflation, and ensure that your wishes are known.
4. YOU customize your plan and take advantage of the benefits of an insured plan.
5. YOU plan together with whom you choose, not waiting for someone else to make those decisions.
6. No emotional spending. Your wishes will be adhered to.
Naugle Schnauss Funeral Home and Cremation Services at 808 Margaret Street is ready to help you with that pre arranging. Trained professionals who offer compassion, understanding, professionalism, patience, and reasonable pricing meet with you in their office or in the comfort of your home to help you plan , from Simple Cremation to the most elaborate life celebration, or a very traditional funeral service.
For 100 years the Naugle Family has been serving the families of Jacksonville with funerals and cremations.
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By Roger Delaney